I was born 25 years ago and raised in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. After graduation, I modelled internationally for three years, living between Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Germany, Toronto, Montreal and New York. Satiated with global perspective, I returned to art school in Windsor in 2012. I graduated with a BFA – Theatre Acting in 2016, and promptly moved back to Vancouver. I am co-founder of Little Thief Theatre & Actors Company - a company dedicated to creating & showcasing original works in site-specific environments. Outside of the theatre, I work as a professional photographer/videographer and graphic designer. I thrive in collaborative settings which promote the cross-pollination of ideas and artistic mediums. With the isolating effects of technology and divisive political rhetoric more toxic than ever, I continue to engage with the world around me and encourage every one to do the same. I believe that art is inherently political. I believe that our generation has a responsibility to engage in environmental stewardship and climate advocacy in the face of corporate interest.

I am also a big fan of avocados and Kurt Vonnegut.